Rick’s Blog

Howdy from Beaumont, TX:

Yes, I did get to stay in a hotel for the one night I stayed in Ft Worth.  However, the next day I drove to Beaumont to fill a management role in support of the local chapter.  I am now staying in a FEMA tent city.  It is a pretty good deal compared to the alternatives down here.  We were all given a laundry bag complete with sheets and a blanket, pillow and pillow case, and a towel.  There are 6 tents which sleep 180 each, and one big tent which sleeps 500.  It gets pretty chilly at night, so many people have asked for and received an extra blanket.

This area of Texas was hit pretty hard by Ike.  They are still serving more than 30,000 meals per day out of 3 kitchens and 5 feeding sites.  However, the meal counts are steadily decreasing.  There are no client shelters in this chapter’s jurisdiction.  I’m hoping to transition everything over to the chapter by the end of the weekend and get reassigned to another location.  Film at 11:00


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