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The FEMA base camp in Beaumont, TX is consolidating.  They began breaking down the 6 smaller tents today and moved us all in the large tent which sleeps 960.  There are about 200 people here now, mostly FEMA contractors.  Another base camp was set up in Orange, TX over the weekend.

This coming Saturday night, there will be a high school football game played near Port Arthur, just south of Beaumont.  This is the largest rivalry around, drawing an average of 25,000 spectators each year.  This year, these two schools will play on Saturday night, and then put their rivalry aside on Sunday to cross the bridge into hard hit Bridge City, TX.  These two schools will wear the Bridge City High School colors as a show of support, and join these communities in an effort to help clean the yards and households of Bridge City residents.

The American Red Cross, Orange County Chapter, working in coordination with the Beaumont Chapter, plans on sending several mobile feeding vehicles across the 4.5 mile long bridge from Port Arthur to Bridge City on Sunday to provide a mobile canteen for the community as they work on cleaning the city.  There is a good chance I’ll be reassigned to Houston before Sunday, so I’ll probably miss the event.  However, this is a great community effort as the Mayors and community leaders in Beaumont, Port Arthur, and Bridge City are all working together to help clean up one of the hardest hit areas in East Texas.  Stay tuned.


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