Get involved with your Red Cross

As the holiday season approaches, there are many of us looking for ways we can help others during this time of giving.

The Greater Carolinas Chapter has a variety of ways you can help others in our community: you can give your time, blood or money.

Any donation you make directly helps your neighbors.


The Greater Carolinas Chapter, like every other branch of the American Red Cross, relies heavily on its volunteers. In fact, volunteers at this chapter outnumber staff by a ratio of almost 30 to one. That means our mission is largely carried out by people right here in our community.

To find out how you can be a part of the Red Cross, visit our volunteer information section.

Give Blood

The Carolinas Blood Services Region collects blood on a daily basis, which is provided to hospitals. Each pint of blood collected can be used to save up to three lives. Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. The overwhelming majority of people who need it would die without it. Healthy, generous donors are the only source of blood. Quite simply, there is no substitute for blood.

Blood is needed for emergencies, surgeries, and for people who have cancer, blood disorders, sickle cell anemia and other illnesses. Every donation makes a difference in someone’s life.

Find out how you can help save lives.

Make a donation

The American Red Cross does not receive government funding—we operate solely on the generous donations of people in our community. As good stewards of our donations, we ensure that money goes toward helping people right here in Mecklenburg and Iredell counties through one of our various programs.

When you make a donation to the Greater Carolinas Chapter, you are investing in your community.

You have the ability to change lives—start with your own.


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