A bash for turkeys!

The 2008 Red Hot Turkey Bash “rocked,” according to Keri Crews. Crews attended the Nov. 25 bash at the Wachovia Atrium with a group of friends. “This night has been really, really fun — it’s a great group of people and the place looks awesome!”

Club Red, the young professionals affiliate of the American Red Cross, hosted an evening of dancing and socializing for more than 1,000 people the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. The annual event is a fundraiser for the Greater Carolinas Chapter.

“This is a good way for our chapter to raise awareness of the Red Cross while encouraging people to cut loose before the holiday,” said Pamela Jefsen, CEO of the Greater Carolinas Chapter.

One highlight of the evening was the drawing for the 50/50 raffle Club Red organized. The pot hit $1,500 just before 10 p.m.

Joe Tedesco, vice president of Club Red, pulled the lucky winner, who received $750.

“I want to give $500 back to the Red Cross,” said Tom Piazza as he accepted his prize. He noted that the money is for a good cause and he was happy to help.

The band Liquid Pleasure played all night, encouraging party-goers to do the “Electric Slide” and dance on stage to the Village People’s “YMCA.”

“We are happy with the turnout, and we’re happy people are having a good time,” said Kate Meier, communications and marketing director for the Greater Carolinas Chapter. “We hope everyone comes back next year!”

View pictures of this event.


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