AmeriCorps celebrates MLK Jr. Day

Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream is certainly still at work, with this past week being a prime example. His dream is alive and well with his vision of progress being made into a reality. During the weekend of the much-anticipated holiday, the Greater Carolinas Chapter’s AmeriCorps team had the absolute privilege to serve their community with a series of service projects, designated as a celebration of Dr. King’s vision of strength in our community.

With more than a dozen volunteers, AmeriCorps members Aisha-Ramos Foote, England Simpson and Kim Moseley danced and paraded around the streets of Charlotte during the city’s annual MLK Day parade on Jan. 17. They provided life-saving information to more than 1,500 parade-goers and had a blast while caravanning with the Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle.

“You could feel the energy in the air! I could taste the change and evolution; the thought of being a good steward made my heart cry out for more,” said England Simpson, AmeriCorps member.

During the parade, Americorps member LeSharne Blount operated an information table at the Statesville Civic Center during the Health and Cultural Fair. She taught attendees the three essential rules of being ready for any disaster: get a kit, make a plan, be informed. The message of preparedness reached dozens of people, anxious to learn more about the Red Cross and its many services.

More than 1,000 people were reached during a basketball game Jan. 19. The Charlotte Bobcats may have been defeated by the San Antonio Spurs, but the masses were encouraged and educated about being “Red Cross Ready.” In reflection of Dr. King’s special day, blood donations were solicited, especially within the African-American community, where donations are much needed.

This particular MLK Jr. Day arrived during a momentous time in U.S. history, as our first African-American president was sworn into office. Dr. King would truly be proud of the advancement we, as a people, have made.

For more pictures from this event, visit our photo gallery.


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