Strategic planner commends Greater Carolinas Chapter

This entry written by Patton McDowell of Patton McDowell and Associates, LLC. To learn more about Patton and the company, click here.Working with the staff and board of the American Red Cross Greater Carolinas Chapter, I grew in my appreciation for what that organization does for our community – in ways most of us don’t even realize.  The theme of preparedness is part of everything they do, and they remain ready to help communities and families in times of great distress.  For many nonprofits, current economic conditions feel very much like a time of distress, but they can learn a lot from the Red Cross.  While many boards acknowledge they should be doing more focused planning, the Red Cross board proactively organized a retreat to make sure they are prepared for current and future conditions.  What did we talk about? Three keys to their preparation:

  • Evaluate economic conditions and tactics to address them

  • Consider new approaches to individual and committee involvement

  • Address external impact on organizational programs and structure

While the Red Cross has shown the world for nearly 150 years how to be prepared, it is impressive to see the local leadership have the discipline to invest both time and energy into strategic assessment and planning.  To learn more about the great work this organization is doing in the Carolinas region, put April 1 on your calendar and join them at noon at the Westin Hotel in Charlotte.  For more information, click here.


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