Use Twitter to help raise $100K for the Red Cross!


(From Red Cross Chat)

Hugh Jackman is going to donate $100,000 to a nonprofit organization. How will he choose? He’s asking people to convince him of the worthiness of their favorite charity in a tweet.

So, whether you‘re currently on Twitter or not, here’s your chance to be responsible for a huge donation to your favorite charity (we hope it’s American Red Cross!).

1. Go to

2. Follow prompts to set up an account

3. Once you’re in, you have 140 characters to show your love and convince Hugh Jackman that his money should go to us

4. Tell him by typing @RealHughJackman followed by your inspiring endorsement

Here’s what others have said:

et1490: @RealHughJackman The American Red Cross gives assistance during times of disaster but they also hold regular blood drives that save lives

BlueParakeet: @RealHughJackman American Red Cross.Lost >1/2 of our staff;hurricane season round corner.Donate now and save lives.

kristianakocis: @RealHughJackman The Red Cross is a humanitarian NGO that is 96% led by volunteers and supported by people like YOU. Make a difference today

SkiErin: @RealHughJackman provide assistance to military families, international tracing and disaster services FREE to all clients.American Red Cross

pship: @RealHughJackman The American Red Cross helps in disasters or when you need lifesaving blood. Volunteers turn donors compassion into action.

kamichat: @RealHughJackman If my house burned down today I would 1) call Mom 2) call the Red Cross Map:


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