Welcome, Serve America Act

This post originally appeared on April 8, 2008, on the fabulous Oregon Trail Chapter’s blog, Cross Blog.image

President Obama is expected to sign the Serve America Act into law today.

Jump up and get down!

Why are these AmeriCorps*VISTA members so excited? No, Jump Around is not playing in the background. Although, I’m sure most of these people can appreciate House of Pain and the strange catharsis that early 90’s hip hop can provide. This is just an excitable group, but in terms of national service there’s a lot to be thrilled about right now. During the closing days of March, Congress passed the Serve America Act that will lead to enormous improvement and expansion of national and community service programs throughout the country.

While rumors are flying that service will become mandatory, no need to worry it’s all on a volunteer basis. If President Obama signs the bill, as he’s expected to do [today], one of the headlining changes is an increase from 75,000 to 250,000 enrollees in the multitude of programs the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) offers such as Americorps and VISTA.

Read more about how this will affect the Red Cross.

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