Students’ posters raise Red Cross awareness

Written by students from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools image

In March, a class from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools held a poster contest to raise awareness about the Red Cross prior to a student collection fundraiser.

The grand prize – a Red Cross book bag we stuffed full of treats, games, books and school supplies – was a great incentive and generated quite a response from our student body. The photos of the prize winners represent a small fraction of the entries we received. Our panel of three judges, our art teacher, media specialist and a classroom teacher had a difficult time choosing the best – there were so many creative, artistic entries!

Student Ariany said, “It made me feel good to make a poster so people will understand that others need to help. One person can only do so much, but a large group like the Red Cross can help a lot of people. I wish people were more generous.”

Dalton said, “I chose to make a poster not just for the prizes, but I also wanted to help people who have problems.”

Fernando said, “I felt happy to make the poster, and I did my best work on it, for people who need help.”

Sara said, “I entered the contest for two reasons: only 2 percent was for the prizes the other 98 percent was I really wanted to do something to help people.”

Sara was our most productive entrant; she was the first to turn one in the day we announced our contest then she continued to turn in multiple entries (a total of 12)!

Pictured are some of the students with their posters.

image imageimage image


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