Thank you!

Red Cross ChatThanks to each of you for supporting the Red Cross with your votes during the Bullseye Gives campaign. Over two weeks you all voted for Red Cross more than 75,000 times, which means you earned $793,942. image

This donation will support all of our services. Did you know that every 24 hours:

  • Red Cross volunteers help 200 families who lost everything in a house fire or other disaster

  • The Red Cross connects deployed service members with their families 475 times

  • 19,000 people outside the United States receive urgent care from the Red Cross following a disaster

  • 21,000 people receive a blood transfusion from a Red Cross donor

  • 43,000 people receive life-saving Red Cross health, safety and preparedness training

  • 290,000 children receive a measles vaccination from the Red Cross and its partners

    Your votes will help us make this incredible impact on the world every day. Thank you, and stay involved!


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