Red Cross participates in Independence Day Parade

Photo courtesy of McBryde Website Design image

On Saturday, June 27, the Greater Carolinas Chapter of the American Red Cross participated in the Independence Day Parade in Troutman, N.C.  Vic McIntyre, a volunteer for the Red Cross, pulled the float for the Red Cross Military Support Group.

The Greater Carolinas Chapter Military Support Group meets regularly in Statesville, N.C. In addition to those services, the Red Cross provides other services to our armed forces.

Originally, the Red Cross was founded to aid fallen soldiers on the battlefield. Today, around the clock and around the globe, during times of personal crisis, the Red Cross keeps the American people in touch with their family members serving in the United States military. Wherever United States military troops are located, Red Cross employees and volunteers are there to meet their special needs. The Red Cross provides reporting and communication services through a network which links members of the military any place in the world with their loved ones back home.

Find out more about Red Cross Military Services


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