Storms damage homes in Union County

The Union County Chapter of the American Red Cross responded to a severe thunderstorm in the downtown Monroe area on Wednesday night.  image

For a brief time, the City of Monroe opened its Emergency Operation Center and had Red Cross representation. The Red Cross Disaster Action Team responded with canteen support and were ready to activate shelter operations if necessary. 

Approximately 25 homes were affected by the storm in varying degrees. After determining a shelter was not necessary, disaster volunteers activated the Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) and delivered canteen support to first responders and homeowners. 

Individual cases opened where necessary (only two to date).  On Thursday, the chapter did delivered lunch and beverages to neighborhoods where many are cleaning debris in their yards.

The chapter contacted the Baptist Men’s Disaster Group, who will be assisting with debris removal tomorrow for homeowners requesting this assistance.

The mayor of Monroe wrote a letter to Kathy Bragg, director of the Union County Chapter:

Dear Kathy:

On behalf of the Monroe City Council and the nearly 40,000 city residents, please accept my highest and most sincere appreciation for what you, your staff and your volunteers did for the City of Monroe on the night of Aug. 5 and the days following. The storm that downed dozens of trees, knocked out power to thousands of households and closed several roads was unexpected and frightening, but having representatives from the Red Cross working side-by-side with city staff and emergency personnel helped to ensure the safety of our residents and the well-being of our staff members as they worked through the night.

The compassion and professional response shown by your staff and volunteers was exemplary and only reinforced in me the fact that your organization is ready, willing and able to respond to any community need.  The actions of your staff and volunteers show that they are not only well-trained, but also kind and compassionate.

The City of Monroe is fortunate to have an agency like the Union County Chapter of the American Red Cross as a community partner. Your agency provides a service unlike any other. Your ability to muster volunteers in the middle of the night to assist displaced residents or to provide food for emergency responders working through the night is something that has not gone unnoticed.

Please accept this letter of appreciation as a small token of thanks for all you have done for the City of Monroe. We can all rest a little easier knowing that you, your staff and your volunteers will be there to answer the call should we be faced with an emergency like this in the future. Thank you once again for what you do.


Bobby G. Kilgore

Mayor, City of Monroe

For more information, visit the Union County Red Cross Web page.


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