My name is Cory, I am a lifeguard

From Red Cross Chat

This message was just left for us on our YouTube channel by Cory aka Lifesaver of the Day.

Hi, my name is Cory. I am a lifeguard. Today was our busiest day all year. We had ten day camps come and swim, leaving about 150 kids in a pretty small pool (some in, some out) I was on duty, when another lifeguard blew the whistle and as I looked up I saw a group of about 50 patrons all standing over someone, with audible frantic calls. I saw the lifeguard there run inside, so me and a fellow lifeguard immediately cleared the pool.

I ran up to the scene, to find a 3 year old boy with vomit spewing out of his mouth like a rabid dog. His eyes were rolled back, and a day camp supervisor was giving chest compressions. I immediately grabbed an ARC pocket mask and assisted in giving two person CPR. Every time I gave a breath, the boy would clinch his teeth and make this grunting sound like he was struggling very hard. Eventually after about 5 cycles, I gave two more breaths and the boy started to cry, and a few seconds later he was totally crying. We both rolled him into a recovery position and the EMS put him on a stretcher. The boy is okay now.

I just wanted to thank all of you in the ARC for doing what you do, and for giving such good training for lifeguards. I am proud to be an ARC certified lifeguard, and I am confident in my ability to give proper care thanks to your course and to your instructors.


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