Prevent the spread of flu

From Red Cross Chat

By Gail McGovern, CEO of the American National Red Cross

As everyone knows, the nation is actively keeping their eye on the H1N1 virus, whether it’s through the CDC, American Red Cross, or HHS. image

Whereas it’s always a challenge to get people to prepare for a natural disaster, we’re seeing exactly the opposite when it comes to the H1n1 virus.

93% of Americans said they’re taking steps to make sure they can help avoid spreading the flu. 2/3 said they’d get innoculated if there was a vaccine.

I think part of the reason for this high level of public awareness is that the way to prevent the spread is so easy.

It’s simply:

washing your hands

using a tissue

making sure you dispose of that tissue properly

making sure you have enough supply at home in case you wind up having to be with a loved one who’s ill

stay away from others if you do wind up contracting the flu

It’s that easy!

That said, it’s when you’re touched by a personal situation that all of this comes home. I know we’ve been trying to educate schools and parents but as a parent of a college student I was still concerned that we need to continue to get the word out.

I recently dropped off my daughter at school for her second year (I thought it would be easier than the first year but am learning that isn’t the case – I can’t believe that I have to go through the emotional gut-wrenching experience of saying goodbye another two times after this).

After another emotional goodbye to my daughter, the one thing that put a huge smile on my face is when I walked into her dorm suite I noticed that in every bathroom were bottles of Purell.

In the elevators and in the dorm rooms and plastered all around the campus were how to prevent the spread of h1n1 flyers and they had the same easy steps I just spoke about.

So it was delightful to see that in my market research with a sample of one, there was one university, the Johns Hopkins University, that is very much attuned and aware and doing their part to prevent the spread. As a mom it makes me feel a bit more comfortable about dropping my daughter off to school.

Action Item: In addition to taking the easy steps I listed above, you can help us by passing around this information. Share it on Facebook, tweet it, or print it out and pass it around to your friends, workplaces, and schools.  I thank you in advance.


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