Monsoon ravages the Philippines

While we’re still responding to the intense flooding in the southeast United States, a monsoon has affected the Philippines.image

As always, please stay tuned to the Disaster Online Newsroom for info about both flooding incidents and please follow us on Twitter @RedCross.

NOTE: We are still waiting to hear if our sister society needs our help, but if you want to help build the fund we use to respond to international emergencies, consider our International Response Fund. You can find ways to donate directly to the Philippines Red Cross on their website, and you can find additional information at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Latest info we have from the Philippines Red Cross:

While Typhoon Ondoy is now in the South China Sea, it enhanced the southwest monsoon. Some areas in Metro Manila are still flooded and an undetermined number of residents are still trapped in the flooding.

The Philippine National Red Cross still conducts water search and rescue operations (WASAR) in Cainta, Rizal; Pasig and Marikina.

A total of 9 teams are still working round the clock to penetrate heavily flooded areas as of this reporting.

Rapid assessment is currently being conducted by the affected Chapters.

  • 2,500 people have been assisted by the Red Cross

  • 75 people were killed, 40 are still missing

  • 96,138 people are affected

  • 160 RC staff and 280 RC volunteers are on the ground helping


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