Disaster Alerts: Tsunami, Typhoon, and Earthquakes

From Red Cross Chat

These past days have been busy for your American Red Cross.

Chronology of Events

Sept. 26:  Typhoon Ketsana hits the Philippines

Sept. 29: Typhoon Ketsana hits Vietnam

Sept. 29:  Tsunami hits American Samoa, Samoa and Tonga

Sept. 30: Earthquake hits Indonesia

Oct. 1: A 2nd Earthquake hits Indonesia

As of Wednesday morning EDT, officials in Samoa estimate that 60 villages and 15,000 people have been affected by this disaster. Tremors continue to shake the country, and tsunami alarms are still sounding.

The American Red Cross is already responding on American Samoa with our local volunteers. More staff are on the way.

If you have been in contact with loved ones on American Samoa, the best way to share information about their well-being is to register them with Safe and Well.

Stay tuned to the Disaster Online Newsroom for information about the Red Cross response to all of these events. Follow us on Twitter, and become a fan on Facebook.


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