Red Cross partners with Southern Baptists to help flood victims

From Red Cross Chat image

By Danelle Schlegelmilch

We have had some great local partners helping us out with this disaster. Today I went to the mobile kitchen that cooks all of the food we distribute. It is set up in a local church’s parking lot. We have an awesome partnership with the southern baptist churches and their disaster relief folks. They have been fabulous.

We ship all of the food in and they cook it up and get it ready to take out to serve the masses. They make around 3,000 meals a day. We have served 33,780 meals so far!

Yesterday was lasagna. Today was salisbury steaks or bbq sandwiches. They put all of the food in large red containers that keep them hot and then pack them onto our emergency response vehicles (ervs).

It was neat to see them all line up and get filled.

Volunteer Dan Chandler, the manager of the site, is an efficiency expert and has these puppies loaded in under a minute each!


Then our drivers head out into neighborhoods, the shelters, etc to feed people. The great thing about the red cross is that all of our disaster services are free and available to anyone.

It doesnt matter where you are from or who you are. We serve everyone.

Follow more updates on this and other disasters in the Red Cross Online Newsroom.

And let me tell you, disasters make you hungry.


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