Louis Vuitton helps the Red Cross!

To celebrate 150 years of helping vulnerable people around the world, Louis Vuitton is partnering with the Red Cross to raise funds.

In November, when you buy one of the four most iconic bags from the company’s USA Web site, 10% of the price will be donated to the American Red Cross.


To add to the excitement, on November 17, Louis Vuitton’s European headquarters office is hosting a charity auction at Sotheby’s in London. Celebrated artists, such as photographer Annie Leibovitz and fashion designer Marc Jacobs, have contributed special travel-themed creations that will benefit the French Red Cross malnutrition program in Niger. Among them will be a one-of-a-kind Red Cross kit.


Here’s the to-die-for description:

“The hard-sided case in Monogram canvas, equipped with Louis Vuitton’s signature natural leather handle, brass S-lock and corners, opens frontally to reveal an array of red and grey aluminum medicine boxes arranged in such a way as to form the familiar emblem of the RedCross. The logo of the Red Cross is hand-painted on the front of the case.”

Five of the special order collaboration pieces, in addition to the Red Cross trunk, will be on display at the Fifth Avenue Maison until November 4.

If you had something more practical in mind for gifts this holiday season, check out our fully-stocked first aid kits or other gifts that save the day.


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