Tiffany Circle women enjoy reception

About 30 Tiffany Circle members and prospects – including some spouses – were welcomed at the home of Martha Allen (Bonnie McElveen-Hunter Lifetime Tiffany Circle member) in Matthews, NC.  image

Smiles and introductions, laughter, music and hugs filled the evening. Kathy Bragg, Union County Chapter executive, reiterated the importance of our Red Cross providing significant help for clients and ourselves being vigilant on preparedness.  Elaine Lyerly, National Co-Chair of the Tiffany Circle Council, previewed some of the international work she and our Tiffany Circle Council are pursuing in conjunction with next year’s national Summit and developing Tiffany Circle societies outside the U.S. 

Cece, a Red Cross volunteer instructor, highlighted and demonstrated the importance and simplicity of providing First Aid and CPR on a child manikin.  Everyone was delighted when Cece reminded us to remember the tempo of The Bee Gees’ hit, “Stayin’ Alive,” if/when administering CPR.  And everyone smiled and appreciated Kathy Bragg’s and Sheila Crunkleton’s contemporary versions of greeting friends during these precautionary times of the current H1N1 virus.  Don’t be surprised if you see Kathy and Sheila demonstrating their moves on YouTube! 

Following the reception, one of the attendees was moved to join our Carolina Piedmont Region Tiffany Circle.  We look forward to welcoming all members and prospects to our next Tiffany Circle reception with Julia Bianchi, National Co-Chair of the Tiffany Circle Council on Nov. 17 in Charlotte, NC.

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