Red Cross goes back in time

For the second year in a row, staff and volunteers from the Greater Carolinas Chapter of the American Red Cross spent the weekend at the Renaissance Faire raising money and spreading awareness about the organization. image

Colleen Dougher, who works for the chapter, shared her commentary on the weekend:

Thank you to all who helped out this year at the Fair – it definitely would not have gone as smoothly without everyone pitching in! 


Both days started out slow and I know those of you who left in the early afternoon were disappointed and thinking we were not going to do well – but we proved the economy wrong. Not only did we make what we did last year, we exceeded our goal and had a great time doing it! Our Greater Carolinas cast included a Powerful Nobleman, three Tavern Wenches, a Pirate, two Gypsies, two Rogues and a Noblewoman – all of whom worked very hard shaking buckets and working the crowd. 

After the final count last night we had one fairy gem, one child’s pirate coin, a guitar pick and a spring from someone’s pen all given to us as people cleaned out their pockets for any spare change. Drum roll please … our grand total was $1,243.45 – which put us $200 over last year’s total. That money will be used to provide new manikins for our Health and Safetey Department. Those manikins help in training more than 30,000 people each year in life-saving skills such as CPR.

Thank you!  Thank you, thank you to all the people who gave up time on their day off to help us out! 

More pictures


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