Red Cross volunteers enjoy time at the “track”

The Greater Carolinas Chapter has already begun working on the 2010 annual fundraising luncheon, set for 12-1:15 p.m. Thursday, March 4, at The Westin Hotel in Uptown Charlotte. This is the chapter’s biggest fundraiser, and thanks to the help of our wonderful volunteers, we’re sure this year’s event will be the best yet. image

On Tuesday, Dec. 1, a large group of volunteers dedicated to working on the luncheon met at Victory Lanes Indoor Karting to plan, eat some great food and – of course – ride the go-karts!

Chris “Speedy” Mahone and Andy “The Pro” Crawford (he had his own helmet and gloves!) led the racing with Keith Napier close behind. Brunetta, Joy Divine and Towanda Mahone also held their own. All exited their karts with smiles.

“Andy burned up the lanes!  Anytime someone brings racing gloves to the “game” you know they came to win,” said Brunetta Franklin, Red Cross staff member and point person for the luncheon this year. “He also shared hints to help us reduce our time. It was great fun.”

If you would like to help our chapter with this year’s luncheon, if you would like to attend or if you would just like more information, please call Liz Stephens at 704.347.8228 or send her an e-mail at
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