Giving Impact: A Connection In An Emergency

When soldiers go abroad, they can feel lonely and disconnected from their loved ones back at home. Our Help Military Families section of our Holiday Giving catalog is aimed towards providing service members and their families much needed care and connection during tough times.


The St. Louis Area Chapter blog has been highlighting the impact of our catalog gifts as well, and their post from Dec. 9 by Courtney Hinton was especially moving. Here is an excerpt from her post:

Picture if you will, a young soldier, away from home for the first time. His wife has just given birth to their second child – another beautiful boy. While there were no complications during his wife’s delivery, a minor situation, causing a significant breach in the health of this young soldier’s newborn son, was detected just moments after his birth.

Knowing that the American Red Cross provides connections during emergencies to military personnel, the soldier’s mother-in-law phoned her local Red Cross and requested her son-in-law call home immediately. […] While he was glad to learn of his son’s arrival, he was worried about his health, so he spoke with his First Sergeant and discussed the possibility of taking emergency leave. Within 24 hours, the young soldier had been granted leave, and was already off on his journey home to investigate the well-being of his family thanks to the connection made by the Red Cross.

Read the rest of Courtney’s account here

In the rest of her post, Courtney shows how the Red Cross touched this soldier’s life multiple times throughout this difficult period of his family’s life, helping him ensure the wellbeing of his family.

During this holiday season, please consider the impact that you can have on military families through a simple donation from our Online Gift Catalog.


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