Belk raises money for Haiti relief

About 20 Belk employees helped coordinate employee fundraising drives and contributions for Red Cross relief in Haiti.

This is the first of several checks to come from Belk, Inc. and its store employees. All 314 stores across the Southeast and the headquarters have been coordinating Haiti disaster relief fundraising efforts.

Employees coordinated various fundraising drives and pitches and combined that with personal donations.  Belk has been a generous supporter of Red Cross disaster relief for several years. 


Pictured, John Luebke of the Greater Carolinas Chapter accepts a check for more than $11,000 from Belk employees.

Caption: Bottom:  Steve Kelly, vice president of marketing for Belk; Shanetta Spears, Jennifer Dyer, Amanda Hawley, John – Red Cross, Audrey Rabb, Lauren Fields, Bob Alexander

Top:  Paris Gormley, Shirley Rice, Denise Podavini, Bruce Fisher, Annette Brinson, Yolanda Johnson, Swantavia Graham.


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