Local students raise money for Haiti

Myers Park Traditional Elementary students, Cutter Davis III and his friends Henry Moldenhauer, Anderson Davis and Corey Fitzgerald, raised money for Haiti by asking friends, students and teachers for donations. They presented the check at a board meeting at the Greater Carolinas Chapter.


Pictured, the students presented the check for more than $300 to board member Cutter Davis II (Cutter Davis III’s father), Board Chair Mike Rash, Board Vice-Chair Iris Horton and GCC CEO Pamela Jefsen.

While attending the Board of Directors’ meeting to present the check, the boys heard Elaine Lyerly, National Tiffany Circle Co-Chair, speak about her 2009 trip to Africa.

Lyerly visited a remote village in Kenya where the Red Cross had brought clean water to the people living there. The Red Cross started a goat project in which the goats produce iodized milk and can be milked twice daily, providing a “whole meal” to children and families.

The boys listened to Lyerly’s story about Africa and saw many pictures from her trip. Cutter, 11, said he realized how much we take for granted in our everyday life after seeing a picture of a hotel that you could “look right through.”


Pictured, Elaine Lyerly stands with young African boys during her trip in 2009.

Another picture of the goat milking station – which was nothing more than a bunch of sticks that somehow had been formed in to a working hut – was “appalling,” in Davis’ words. 

He was also interested in a picture of the African people’s reaction as they looked at themselves for the first time in a picture on a camera phone. He said he realized how Americans are extremely attached to technology. Davis was amazed at how the people in Africa are so willing to share with each other, even though they are in such great need.

“It’s great to see students at Cutter’s age realize how people around the world live,” said Jefsen. “And then to see them raise money the way Cutter and his friends did – it’s heartwarming.”


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