It’s All There:  Disaster Online Newsroom


Friendly reminder here that you can find out exactly what we’re doing on the ground in response to flooding in Tennessee, tornadoes in Yazoo City, and yesterday’s tornadoes in Norman, Oklahoma.

Just subscribe to the Disaster Online Newsroom. It’s all there out in the open. We keep it updated in as close to real time as we possibly can.  You can view photos and videos of what is being done to help the victims of these disasters. 

In addition, FEMA has set up a Facebook page to keep everyone updated on their available resources specifically around the Tennessee flood. We’ll be adding any information we can over there as well.

To date 1,764 Red Cross volunteers have housed 4,140 people in overnight stays, served 67,453 hot meals with 59 Emergency Response Vehicles, provided 1,888 mental health consultations, distributed 7,745 comfort kits, and provided 13,882 clean up kits.


Red Cross volunteers continue to meet these same challenges in response to various floods and tornadoes across the south and the country. If you would like to help support the Red Cross mission please donate at


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