Hurricane Prediction Challenge

Scott Maxwell from the Orlando Sentinel thinks a monkey, his kids and a psychic can predict hurricanes as well as a meteorologist can. image

Maxwell writes:

There. Now I’ve officially done my part, as a member of the media, to try to scare the pants off you for hurricane season.

Every year we do it — largely with the help of alleged “forecasters” such as Dr. William Gray, who supposedly look into their crystal ball and predict the number of storms we’ll get.

Usually they’re wrong. Often very wrong.

In fact, a few years ago, I got to thinking a monkey could do just as well. So I decided to test that theory.

I got a couple of monkeys from the Sanford zoo to make predictions — along with my then-4-year-old son. The monkeys beat Gray and my preschooler in a couple of categories. But Gray won the tie-breaker.

So, with Gray and the rest of the weather community screaming barometric bloody murder again this year, I thought it was time to stage another hurricane-prediction contest.

NOAA’s predictions are now out.

We suppose time will tell but encourage everyone in prone areas to go ahead and get prepared.

What are your predictions for this hurricane season? Are you getting ready?

Hurricane Safety Checklist


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