Raising money with the Flower Fun Store!

Year after year, the Red Cross supports our community. Year after year, Irma Boyd supports the Red Cross. 

This year marked the 19th Anniversary of Mrs. Boyd’s Flower Fun Store fundraiser at Myers Park Elementary School for the Red Cross. Inspired by her personal experience with the Red Cross in the 1970s when an earthquake displaced her family, Mrs. Boyd and her kindergarten class design and sell paper flowers with proceeds going to the Red Cross.


The fundraiser taught the students about the basics of running a business and in the process, they learned about the basics of helping protect their community by supporting the Red Cross. The students heard firsthand from Disaster Action Team (DAT) volunteers about how their money will help support families who lose their homes to disaster. 

More than $1,000 was raised for the Red Cross, and DAT volunteer Jim Privie presented a Certificate of Appreciation to the class as the students enjoyed, appropriately enough, Lifesaver candies marked with “You are a life saver” on the wrapper.


As the students took turns wearing official Red Cross volunteer vests, it wasn’t hard to imagine them growing into those uniforms and filling the role of a key Red Cross volunteer in the near future.

Mrs. Boyd is not only an inspiration for the Red Cross, she is an inspiration for these hard-working kindergartners who are already helping serve the Red Cross mission of helping prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies.


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