Keeping your family safe in the water is key


“There was no ripple when she went into the water,” said Gaines.

She pulled her daughter to safety and now Allie is a healthy 14 years old.

This experience is what pushed Gaines to purchase Charlotte Aquatics in 2008 and to offer swimmers water safety classes.

“Only 20 seconds. That’s all it takes for them to drown,” said Gaines.

Along with teaching water safety, Gaines suggests their be a “water watcher” when children are in the pool, who does not text or chat on the phone.  She also uses the slogan “reach or throw-don’t go” to make students remember not to leave someone who is drowning.

The Red Cross works with Charlotte Aquatics to promote water safety through classes. Those interested in taking aquatic courses from the Red Cross can choose from Basic Water Rescue, CPR/AED for the Professional rescuer, several Lifeguard oriented courses and water safety courses.

For a full list of water safety courses click here.


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