Red Cross helps military families in times of emergencies

Richardson’s brother was stationed in Mississippi serving in the United States Army when their mother passed away.  Wanting to ensure he was home during this difficult time and in time for services, he asked Richardson to contact the Red Cross.

“I spoke to a representative who took all of the information and she even stayed on the line while I called my brother back,” said Richardson. “The volunteer was very compassionate.”

With the help of the Red Cross, Richardson’s brother was able to acquire the appropriate paper work for leave.  Richardson was surprised how quickly the process went especially since her brother was able to leave the same night as the call was placed.

“If I hadn’t used the Red Cross, I don’t think he would have been able to (come home) as quickly,” said Richardson.

The Red Cross makes locating and communicating with your loved once as easy as possible in times of crisis.  There is a 24-hour emergency hotline for military members or family members it can be reached at 1-888.737.4306.

There are many other services offered for military members and family members through the Red Cross.  For a full list of services, click here or visit


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