Remember to Honor Our Veterans

Military members and their families can reach out to the American Red Cross in times of emergencies to contact their military family members.  Military families also can join support groups in their local area to help them adjust to not having their loved one at home.

When military members are transferred to hospitals, the American Red Cross are the first ones  there with a Military Comfort Kit to make them feel welcomed.

Joseph Shields, of Charlotte N.C., is a retired Marine who reached out to the Red Cross during his active duty.  While stationed at Camp Lejeune, N. C., in Sept. 1999 Shields received the news his Father was not doing well.

Not knowing what to do, Shields asked those around him and they said, “ Don’t worry about it; the Red Cross will take care of it.”

Within 10 to 15 minutes of learning about his Father’s condition, Shields received a phone call.

“I got a phone call from the people on duty at the base at the time.  They said, hey, you’ve been granted a leave to go be with your Dad,” said Shields.

Stationed at Camp Lejeune, Shields had to travel back to Charlotte to see his father. 

“Within maybe ten 10 minutes of me getting there, my Dad died.  I thought it was really good they moved that quickly,” said Shields.

The American Red Cross not only can provide contact during times of emergencies but also if families are curious about the health and welfare of their military family member. 

This holiday season you can help the American Red Cross “give the gift that saves the day” and purchase gifts to help our military men and women. 

For more information on the services offered by the American Red Cross click here. The 24-hour emergency hotline is 1.888.737.4306. 



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