How to stay safe this winter

This winter the snow fall in the Charlotte, N.C., region is already one for the record books with some areas already seeing close to 20 inches.  Snow days are filled with fun but it’s important to remember extremely low temperatures can be dangerous.

When temperatures plummet, the Red Cross suggests you and your family prepare a Winter Storm plan.  Make sure to have extra blankets, warm clothing and water-resistant boots on hand.  Also, it never hurts to have a Disaster Kit prepared for your house and car.

Always be aware of the storm warnings and any changes made to them.  Try to avoid any unnecessary travel and to stay indoors.  If travel is necessary always have a full tank of gas, keep a Disaster Kit in your car and always tell someone your final destination.

Another danger during the winter is heating your home safely, as many people want to cut down on their expenses.  Allow space heaters plenty of space and make sure to place them on hard, even surfaces.

There are several safe ways to cut down on your energy costs during the winter months.  Eliminate any drafts from outside around doors and windows, set ceiling fans to blow air down, close off any rooms not in use and shut off vents in those rooms.

Along with winter comes a lot of fun, especially on snow days when everyone gets to forget about work for a while.  However, winter can also cause dangerous situations for you and your family.  It’s important to know how to prepare for any severe winter weather and to keep your family safe.  Follow these links for a full winter storms safety checklist and tips on how to stay safe this winter.



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