Local raffle raises money for the Red Cross

A local office of Globe Express, an international logistics company with offices in more than 50 countries, recently decided to raise money for our local American Red Cross through a raffle.

Employees could purchase tickets for a chance to win a full day off work and a half day off work. The money raised matched the $125,000 challenge poised to the Carolina Piedmont Region community (which we did match!).

Red Cross volunteer Jim Prive, Globe Express President Tony Bikhazi and Red Cross staffer Dean Thompson pose with the donation from Globe Express.

“The Red Cross is the hidden yet true and steadfast persona when calamities and misfortunes happen to us,” said Tony G. Bikhazi,  President-Americas at Globe Express. “The Red Cross represents the sincere empathy we aspire for.”

Globe Express agreed to match the money raised by the raffle – and that resulted in a check for $2,320!

That money will help people right here in our communities through Red Cross programs and services. Thank you to Globe Express for making a difference!


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