Video: Carlos Gladden

Carlos Gladden, 24, came home from work at 2 p.m. Friday, Aug. 5, to find his street covered in water.

“All I could see was water. Every house was flooded,” he said. “Everything in my house had been destroyed. I started to cry.”

Six inches of rain fell in just two short hours, causing flash flooding in West Charlotte. Apartment complexes were evacuated, swift-water boats rescued stranded residents, and the fire department pulled several dogs from waist-high water in homes.

Volunteers from the local American Red Cross set up a shelter for those affected by the floods.

Carlos spent two nights in the shelter, going back to his house during the day to try to salvage anything he could. Red Cross volunteers worked one-on-one with Carlos to ensure he had assistance for food, shelter and clothing before he left the shelter.

“I am so grateful that the Red Cross was here,” Carlos said. “It is a great blessing.”

To help victims of these floods and disasters around the world, make a contribution to the American Red Cross.


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