Young philanthropist inspired to host fundraiser

Eleven-year-old Morgan raised more than $400 for her local Red Cross chapter.

Eleven-year-old Morgan Rector had watched her grandfather loyally support our Catawba Valley Chapter for years.

“I have been helping him this summer do things for the Red Cross,” she said.

In addition to helping chapter volunteers and staff move items from the warehouse, Morgan decided she wanted to hold a fundraiser.

“I know that the Red Cross could always use the money,” she said.

So Morgan approached Subway and asked them to donate cookies, which she would then offer to people for donations to the Red Cross. Subway generously gave Morgan 100 cookies.

Morgan then set up a booth outside Food Lion and asked shoppers for donations, offering them a cookie and water in exchange for their gift. She was awed when someone dropped a 100-dollar bill in her bucket – and didn’t want a cookie or water.

“I thought, ‘Wow, that’s really nice.’ It’s really nice that someone wants to give to the Red Cross because it’s going to a good cause and a good reason,” she said.

At the end of the day, Morgan donated $411 to the Red Cross. Thank you, Morgan, for being a great Red Cross supporter!


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