Bear hugs

When a home fire or other disaster happens, emergency vehicles rush to the scene, lights flashing, sirens blaring. People are rushing around frantically, trying to escape smoke and flames or flood waters. Some might be shouting. Some might be crying.

Sounds a little scary, doesn’t it? Now imagine you’re a child, watching this happen in your neighborhood, right in front of your home.

The truth is that it happens, and when it does, the American Red Cross is there to help. Sure, the Red Cross can provide assistance for immediate needs, like food, shelter and clothing. But we can also provide comfort for those who need it most.

Recently, local Red Cross board members stuffed small teddy bears.

Board members make teddy bears 

These teddy bears will go into our Red Cross Disaster Action Team “go-kits,” which volunteers take with them on disasters like home fires. If the family affected by the disaster has children, they will receive these teddy bears (and a Red Cross hug). It can’t take back what happened, but it can make them smile:Kids hug teddy bears


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