Photos: Guns and Hoses

Statesville Fire and Police departments battled it out at a football game Saturday, Dec. 2, to raise money for the American Red Cross and Dove House. Even Sir Purr from the Charlotte Panthers showed up!

From the article in the Statesville Record and Landmark:

The score remained tied as the game clock ticked down to 8:13 left in the contest, and that’s when the Statesville Police Department cemented its third victory in as many games by scoring a touchdown and kicking the extra point, bringing the score to 21-14.

Despite the loss on the scoreboard, the Hoses team members took pride in the hard-fought contest.
“It was a great game,” said Statesville Fire Department’s John Perry.
Police Chief Tom Anderson agreed.

But both teams said the real winners are the Red Cross and Dove House.

statesville fire

Posing with Sparky ERV at the game rick and sir purr

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