Honoring PJ

Remember our late volunteer, PJ Stanly?

Remember how we collected blood in October in honor of him and we collected 30 lifesaving units?

Well, PJ was so loved in our community that we held another blood drive in his honor Monday, Dec. 5, at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Claremont. 

And this time, we collected close to 70 units.

That means that between the two drives, nearly 100 people were so moved by the work PJ did in our Hickory and Claremeont communities that they gave the gift of life in honor of his life.

That means nearly 100 people made blood donations, and those blood donations can EACH save up to three lives.

That means potentially 300 lives will be touched – all because our community was touched by PJ.

We … Are … Speechless.

Thank you to our communities and our blood donors for your support.

And thank you, most of all, to our PJ.


PJ's wife, Brenda, donates in honor of her late husband.
PJ's students from Mitchell Community College donated in honor of him.
Call 1 800 RED CROSS if you would like to make a blood donation or visit http://redcrossblood.org for more information.

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