The face of blood donation

Meet Ruth.

Ruth is a triplet with sisters Anne and Lydia.

Ruth, Anne and Lydia are very fortunate to have a wonderful mother, Elizabeth.

And Elizabeth will tell you she’s very fortunate that there are blood and platelet donors like Angelo (who has given more than 200 platelet donations!).

Almost a year ago, Elizabeth and her husband were thrilled to learn that they would be having triplet girls. Elizabeth was aware that triplets would mean a closely monitored pregnancy.

“We had early ultrasounds, and I went to the hospital a few times with false alarms,” she said.

As Elizabeth hit the third trimester, however, she was told she would be placed on bedrest at Presbyterian Hospital for the remainder of her pregnancy with the girls.

“It was hard to be in the hospital, but I knew that’s where we were safest,” she said.

Elizabeth had preeclampsia, a potentially life-threatening condition in which the patient’s blood pressure rises rapidly. To complicate things further, when the girls were born on Halloween, Elizabeth lost a lot of blood.

Too much blood.

She needed four blood transfusions, among other things, to recoup what she had lost.

“I needed to be there for my girls – I had three babies to take care of!”

After a week in the hospital for mom and two weeks in the NICU for the girls, all four were able to settle in at home, where everyone is very healthy and happy.

On Wednesday, Elizabeth and Ruth came by the American Red Cross Charlotte Blood Donor Center to thank donors for their gift.

“I was a regular blood donor, and I just fell out of the habit,” she said. “But after going through something like this, I realize how important it is to donate.”

She gave baby Ruth a hug and continued, “I am just so thankful that people take the time and make the effort to give blood.”

You can give the perfect gift this holiday season. Call 1 800 RED CROSS or visit to make an appointment. You can also read about how the Red Cross is partnering with Presbyterian Hospital this year to bring hope to local families.


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