A Look at Women in Philanthropy

Our American Red Cross Tiffany Circle participated in a study on philanthropy among high net worth women, conducted by The Center of Philanthropy at Indiana University.

Among the interesting findings:

  • Women spend more time than men on due diligence before making decisions about giving to a charitable organization.
  • Women expect a deeper level of communication with the organizations they support and place greater importance than men on the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization and hearing about the impact of their gift.
  • Women want to be actively involved with an organization and its mission, with volunteering being one of the most important motivations for women to give.
  • Women are more likely than men to stop giving to an organization they had previously supported whereas men tend to be more supportive of the same causes year after year

Citing the report:

A convergence of social, demographic, cultural, and economic factors has increased women’s visibility and involvement in philanthropy in recent years. Women have increased access to education and income – two key predictors of philanthropy (Center on Philanthropy, 2007). Demographically, women’s expanding roles in society and the self-reported change in family structure have affected women significantly.

Read the full report


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