Charlotte-area volunteers respond to five fires over the weekend

Ervie Baker and her daughter keep warm under a Red Cross blanket while firefighters work to extinguish the blaze in Ervie's Charlotte home on Saturday evening.

Our Disaster Action Teams (DAT) are made up of volunteers who go “on-call” for a week at a time to respond to home fires and other disasters that happen around the clock.

This week’s DAT went from one fire to the next, as five blazes erupted:

  • A Saturday evening fire on Leigh Avenue in Charlotte that displaced two adults
  • A Sunday morning fire that displaced a single mother and her two children in Cornelius
  • A Sunday afternoon apartment fire that affected three families
  • A Sunday evening fire in Charlotte that displaced three adults and five children
  • A Sunday fire in charlotte that displaced a woman and her FIVE grandchildren

In each instance, our volunteers were on the scene immediately. DAT members work with each family on an individual basis to assess their needs and provide help for food, clothing, shelter and other emergency items.

Our volunteers will continue to work with these families over the next few days and refer them to our partner agencies to start long-term recovery.

Want to help? You can help victims of disasters like these home fires by making a donation to American Red Cross Disaster Relief.


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