Ramsey Products employees get Red Cross Ready

JoAnn Hedstrom, American Red Cross disaster volunteer with our Gaston County Chapter, made a presentation on personal emergency preparedness to employees of Ramsey Products Corporation in Belmont. 

More than 40 employees joined Bill Hall, president of Ramsey Products, for a demonstration and discussion of the three basics for helping families fare better in times of natural disasters and other major emergencies: Build a Kit, Make a Plan, Get Informed

JoAnn brought her personal kit to demonstrate typical contents and their purposes, and the group discussed key items to both the kit and a family evacuation plan.  JoAnn also shared the contents of her dog’s kit, which he can strap on his back. 

Mr. Hall provided a deli lunch for the group, showed his personal “bug-out” pack and challenged each employee to begin making preparations at their home right away.  Five lucky employees won door prizes – first aid kits to serve as the start of their emergency kits.

Interested in getting a Be Red Cross Ready presentation at your business? Contact your local Red Cross chapter.


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