Course helps babysitters “feel very prepared”

Franny and Paddy
Franny and Paddy Millen pose with their younger brother, Sam. Franny and Paddy took the Red Cross babysitting course and even made business cards touting their certification.

Paddy and Franny Millen were looking for a way to earn some extra money, “to save up for things I might need in the future,” Franny, 11, said.

They decided to take an American Red Cross babysitting course to become certified sitters.

Paddy, 14, said it was important for him to take the course, so he could “be prepared for anything that could happen, but hopefully will not happen.”

A Red Cross babysitting course teaches participants safety skills and how to handle emergencies. Students learn using baby mannequins (which Paddy said was the best part) and also learn tips on interviewing a family before they take a babysitting job.

After Paddy and Franny completed the course, they designed business cards that tout their Red Cross certification. Franny has already taken a job sitting for her neighbors across the street.

“I feel very prepared and ready for whatever challenges I have to take on,” Franny said.

Register for a class today!


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