Million Preparedness Pledge

The American Red Cross, Weather Channel, FEMA and NOAA are promoting the first-ever National Severe Weather Preparedness Week April 22-28 to engage consumers to be proactive about their severe weather preparedness plans.

The goal of the Million Preparedness Pledge is to inspire 1 million people to commit to being prepared for a weather emergency.

The pledge asks consumers to talk to their families about committing to one or more of the following actions:

  • Learn the definitions of a watch and warning
  • Learn what to do if a watch or warning is issued
  • Have a NOAA weather radio
  • Sign up for The Weather Channel alerts and apps
  • Create an emergency supply kit (or update existing kit)
  • Create an emergency plan (or update existing plan)
  • Volunteer, attend preparedness training or host a preparedness event in my community

Print and sign your commitment to being prepared for a severe weather emergency.

To help prepare your plan, visit to locate an open Red Cross shelter in your area and learn what resources are available.

More information about storm threats and preparation can be found at or


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