Retired Concord detective experiences home fire

Retired Concord Police Department investigator William Black and his wife, Pamela, and their granddaughter, Alexis, awoke around 2:30 a.m. Friday to the smoke alarms sounding.

The family ran outside, calling for their pets to join them.

When the Concord Fire Department arrived, several of the family’s pets were outside – a responder even administered pet first aid and revived one.  Unfortunately, the family lost two of their pets. 

Black told the CFD  he didn’t want to wake the volunteers from the Red Cross – though our volunteers support people who experience disaster no matter the day or time. 

The Red Cross provided the Black family assistance for food and clothing.  Our nurse, Harry Gedney, was able to assist with the medical needs, as William had recently undergone knee surgery.  

Volunteers gave comfort kits – which have basic toiletries – to each person, and Alexis received a stuffed animal. 

Dee Moon, a volunteer who responded to the call, said, “It was an honor to have been able to serve back to an individual who retired from serving our community.”


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