Does your business have a COOP?

The Red Cross promotes personal preparedness – get a kit, make a plan, be informed.

We also promote business preparedness.

On Wednesday, our Gaston County Chapter enacted part of their continuity of operations plan (COOP) when a delivery truck ripped the electricity and telephone wires from the chapter building.

As an agency that responds to disasters around the clock, the chapter couldn’t afford to be unavilable to those who need us.

Employees acted quickly, putting pieces of the COOP in action:

  • they contacted the phone service provider to have calls forwarded to the after-hours answering service. 
  • critical work files had been downloaded onto jump drives, and laptop computers to allowed them to work off-site.
  • the national e-mail system is cloud-based, allowing staff to remain in contact with partners and clients by laptop, home PC and/or cell phones. 
  • the chapter had previously installed rechargeable hallway exit lights that were activated when power was lost.

If your company lost power, would your staff know what to do?


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