Gastonia company employees use skills to help co-worker

Amanda Clemmer and Edmond Williams post with local Red Cross executive director Chuck Bridger (center).

In September last year, an employee at WIX in Gastonia approached co-worker Edmond Williams and said he did not feel well and his heart was racing. 

Mr. Williams, who had been trained in Red Cross CPR/First Aid/AED, escorted the co-worker to the first aid station, took his pulse and blood pressure and sought assistance from Amanda Clemmer, who is a Red Cross CPR/First Aid/AED instructor.

Amanda re-checked the employee’s vital signs and called 911 when he experienced additional symptoms of a heart attack. 

For their actions, Edmond and Amanda were each awarded the Certificate of Merit, the American Red Cross’ highest honor for an individual, which bears the signature of the Presidents of the United States and the Chairman of the American Red Cross.

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