Military Women “Voices of Victory”

Not pictured is Wanda Weeks, leader
Military Women “Voices of Victory” Leaders and Guest Speaker

Yvonne McJetters is a community activist, a veteran advocate, a female “Gulf War” veteran and a self-proclaimed unsung she-ro from Charlotte. On January 1, 2013, McJetters established the group “Voices of Victory” for military women, birthed to educate the community and to serve and bring awareness about the lives of “women warriors.”

Military Women “Voices of Victory” is a part of Yvonne’s Place Support Services for veterans and is an organization designed to be the voice, support system, and advocacy network in the community to support and address issues relevant to female veterans. It is dedicated to assisting those who are currently serving and giving honor and remembrance to those who have previously served in any branch during any era of service in the United States military.

The organization is here to protect, enhance and advocate for female veterans, and connect them to resources and services that may or may not be military specific.

In an effort to strengthen and enhance the group, the American Red Cross recently joined forces. The Red Cross champions five critical segments, and one of those service areas is to provide support to members of the military and their families. “Since uniting with the Red Cross the organization has yielded a great response,” McJetters said. “Let’s learn from each other what traits we share in common that makes us more alike than different.” She feels that it is her duty to provide a safe place to gather together and dialogue the voices of women warriors in her community and connect with other communities around her.

For more information, contact Robin Callahan, regional coordinator, Services to the Armed Forces for American Red Cross at

Photo: Left to Right –  Jennifer Bingham, Veteran Leader; Yvonne McJetters, Veteran Leader;  Debra Kidd,LtCol Debra Kidd, USAF ANG *Guest Speaker;         Robin Callahan, Veteran Leader.

Not Picured: Wanda Weeks, Veteran Leader


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