Preparing to Feed Thousands After a Natural Disaster

In the event of a natural disaster hitting the Tar Heel State, Johnson & Wales University, a world-renowned culinary institution, Subway® restuarants of North Carolina and the American Red Cross have joined forces to provide meals for victims.  Inside the JWU Charlotte Campus culinary labs last Thursday morning, JWU students and employees and Red Cross staff and volunteers conducted an emergency food preparedness drill. Over 550 meals were boxed, each consisted of Subway 6-inch sandwiches, cookies, bottled water, and other items. Following the drill, the boxed meals were delivered to the Charlotte Rescue Mission.

“Charlotte is an ideal stating area due to its central location and our ability to reach natural disaster victims anywhere in the state within four to five hours,” said Angela A. Broome, regional chief executive officer of the American Red Cross Piedmont Region. The Red Cross estimates a minimum need of 3,000 meals required to feed victims and first responders after a natural disaster.

The drill was conducted in real-time, from transporting and unloading items at the JWU campus, baking the bread and cookies, preparing and making the sandwiches, assembling 550-boxed meals and finally reloading of trucks. All food items, meal prepartation and assembly, transportation and other support items were donated by numerous culinary franchisee and companies.

“We hope the call from the Red Cross never comes, but if they require our services, we will be there as will our partners in this incredible project,” said Melinda Westmoreland, JWU Communications & Media Relations Manager. This was the second time an emergency food preparedness drill was conducted.


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