American Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training

Starting from left: Madelyn Sifford, Lindsey Maners, Marrianna Crisco are recent graduates of the American Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training
Starting from left, recent graduates: Madelyn Sifford, Lindsey Maners, Marrianna Crisco

We recently celebrated a graduating class of the American Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training in the Greater Carolina Chapter!

With American Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training (NAT), students master the academic and social skills necessary to be a successful Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA). The program offers comprehensive classroom and hands-on clinical/lab experience that prepares students for the certification test, administered by the North Carolina Board of Nursing. Students will also boost their self-esteem and gain new-found independence. As a Red Cross nurse assistant, they’ll be an important part of a health care team that works together to provide compassionate care for nursing home residents and patients. It’s a job where they make a difference by contributing to their community.

Exceeding national and state guidelines, the four-week Monday through Friday program prepares students for certification by the North Carolina Board of Nursing and incorporates not only nursing skills but life and career skills as well. Red Cross is proud to have one of the country’s best Nurse Assistant trainings. Read the following for testimonies of recent graduates of the program.

Madelyn Sifford
“I wanted to attend the NAT program class in order to meet my nursing school requirements and gain experience as a CNA throughout my two years in nursing school. At first, I was very nervous at remembering and performing skills, such as taking blood pressure. But my instructor comforted me and coached me throughout the process. Even though I faced financial barriers and difficulties to participate in the NAT program, I achieved the requirements to attend nursing school, which will provide better opportunities for my family. I will use my certification to continue my education in nursing school to become a Registered Nurse.”

Lindsey Maners
“I wanted to attend the program to become a CNA and work directly with patients or residents before I attend Physician Assistant school. I chose the Red Cross NAT program because I thought it would provide the best education possible. I learned that although many of the tasks are difficult and not very glamorous, they are very rewarding in that you are helping other have a better life. I received the $1000 Walmart scholarship, which helped me participate in the NAT program. I was able to achieve my goal of getting a foot in the medical field. I hope to become a PA, so becoming a CNA is a great first step. Upon graduation, I have plans to work as a CNA in assisted living facility and am hoping to attend PA school at Wingate University.”

Marrianna Crisco
“I have always loved helping people, which is why I chose to attend NAT classes. I had many fears of choosing this medical career, including losing a resident. Through this program, I was able to overcome this fear by becoming more informed on the subject. I am now even more passionate about caring for others. I hope to use my certification to obtain a job in this field. Learning CNA through the Red Cross was an honor. The instructors and nurses I was able to learn from are truly the best.”

To register or for questions, contact Ann Holt at 704.864.2623, ext. 11 or


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