Red Cross Volunteers Go Door–to–Door to Raise Fire Safety Awareness Over the MLK Holiday Weekend

With home fires as the biggest disaster threat facing families, the American Red Cross (Red Cross) volunteers and staff members pounded the pavement with partners, HOPE Worldwide Charlotte Volunteers, in high risk neighborhoods to inform families how to be appropriately prepared in the event of a  home fire.  The fire safety information included creating a household fire escape plan and tips for cooking and heating a home safely this winter. Additionally, safety information was left for families who were not home or unavailable.

When smoke alarms are installed in the optimal locations, they can be vital to protecting families and homes against fatal fires. There should be a functioning smoke alarm on every level of the home (including the basement), in the hallway outside a group of bedrooms and/or inside bedrooms, on the ceiling at the bottom of stairways, and/or in the living room/family room.

The Red Cross participates in home fire preparedness and responsiveness because home fires are actually preventable. Fires in the home happen almost instantly and can devastate lives and homes in merely minutes. Home fires leave families with nearly nothing and nowhere to go. On average, seven people die each day from a home fire. Once a merciless fire begins in the home, families have a meagre two minutes to evacuate. For that reason, it is exceedingly important to discuss a fire evacuation plan with your family.

To be more prepared in the face of a home fire emergency, visit


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